From plan design to field work

In the field with our A to Z service.


A thorough knowledge of a watershed allows for an overall perspective on how municipal, agricultural and industrial activities are affecting the natural drainage pattern.

Services offered :

  • Literature review, compilation and analysis of historical data;
  • Inventorying and mapping problematic areas;
  • In situ measurements;
  • Sampling campaigns;
  • Characterization of sediments;
  • Stream flow measurement;
  • Sewer networks diagnosis;
  • Industrial effluents characterization;
  • Report writing services.

These services allow our clients :

  • Obtain an overall perspective on the current condition of water resources in relation to the cumulative effects of the activities involved;
  • Define major issues and identify and prioritize corrective actions;
  • Promote the coordination of actions amongst the various stakeholders;
  • Enable a judicious management financial resources;
  • Protect and promote water resources;;
  • Detect wastewater discharges fostering cyanobacteria.



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