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Hydrological and hydraulic studies

Hydrological and hydraulic studies are technical investigations carried out to evaluate and understand the behavior of water, whether in terms of precipitation, rivers, watersheds, or in the context of civil engineering and infrastructure projects.

Hydrological study

Hydrological studies concern the characterization of water cycles in a given area, generally on the scale of a watershed. This includes analysis of precipitation, infiltration, evaporation, groundwater recharge, and runoff. These studies are crucial for assessing water resources, predicting floods and low water levels, and designing infrastructure adapted to water management.

Hydraulic study

Hydraulic studies focus on the behavior of water within canals, rivers, or drainage networks, as well as its interaction with hydraulic structures such as dams, bridges, canals, etc.

These studies evaluate flow rates, water levels, flow velocities, and the forces exerted by water on structures. They are essential for designing safe and efficient hydraulic infrastructures, preventing flooding, ensuring optimal management of water resources, and minimizing environmental impacts.

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Hydrological and hydraulic studies

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