Sewage Flow Rate Measurement Campaign in Laval

The city of Laval has updated the hydraulic models of its sewer main network. In order to validate these models, flow rate measurements must be made on site.

Avizo Consulting has been mandated by the second-largest city in the province of Quebec to provide their services for precise and accurate flow rate measurements.

This three-year contract consists of two eight-week campaigns, conducted yearly. It comprises thirty sewage flow rate measurement sites, as well as five pluviometry observation sites.

This is the third sewage flow rate measurement mandate which Avizo Consulting will have accomplished for the City of Laval.
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A large-scale project…

  • 30 sewage flow rate measurement sites
  • 5 pluviometry observation sites
  • 2 yearly campaigns of 8 weeks
  • 3 year mandate.

with technical challenges…

  • Flow rates will be measured in pipelines ranging up to 5m in diameter.

and security-related challenges.

  • Closed-space work environment
  • Temporary circulation road signs.
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