Solving an erosion-sedimentation problem in a channeled stream

A stream in the municipality of Saint-Claude in Estrie was giving neighbours a hard time. This tributary of Lake Boissonneault near Windsor came out of its bed in the spring and the speed of its flow after heavy downpours eroded its banks to the point that a nearby building was in danger of being flooded.

The shoreline development professionals at Avizo Consulting were called in to help. After the site inspection, topographical surveys were taken, hydrology studies were done to generate plans and specifications that would solve this thorny problem.
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Engineering and environmental management activities

  • Site visit and topographical survey
  • Characterization of the state and behavior of the watercourse
  • Watershed delineation
  • Validation of the presence of water bonds
  • Validation of the occupation of the territory
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Culvert sizing
  • Choice of landscaping plants
  • Impact mitigation measures
  • Working method
  • Recommendations and drafting of plans and specifications.

Construction site monitoring

Phase 1: Work in the creek bed

  • Work planning
  • Implementation of environmental measures
  • Installation of a cofferdam
  • Pumping of water downstream of the works
  • Watercourse realignment
  • Removal and replacement of culverts
  • Development of the stream bed.

Construction site monitoring

Phase 2: Works in the embankment

  • Use of plant engineering techniques to stabilize the banks
  • Use of conventional rockfill techniques
  • Planting in the slope, above the high water mark
  • Planting at the top of the slope.
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