Decontamination of the Local Water Table by Pump

In a large city in Quebec, a property was sold which resided on a major traffic route. The parking lot of said property had once been the location of a service station, and the buyer requested that all environmental liability de removed.

Although the underground petroleum reservoirs had already been removed and the surrounding soil replaced, our underground water analysis demonstrated the presence of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants in the water table during a environmental site evaluation.

Avizo Consulting used the same wells which had been set up for the environmental site evaluation and, with a submersible pump, created a contaminated water recuperation system. Pumps we operational day and night matching the water table refill rate.

Water which was removed from the ground was temporarily stored in a tank, analyzed and disposed of according to current regulation.

Since the active source of contamination had already been removed, the quality of water improved as the residual contaminated water was removed and replaced with new water.
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Site history

  • 2015: Transition from a service station to a parking lot. Dismantling of the service station, removal of underground reservoirs, replacement of contaminated soils
  • 2019: Sale of the parking lot
  • Summer of 2020: Environmental liability site evaluation by Avizo Consulting detects traces of contamination in water table
  • Spring to fall of 2020: Decontamination of water table by Avizo Consulting

Technical specifications

  • Four 2 inch diameter, 12 V Waterra pumps controlled via programmed automation
  • An average of 160 litres of contaminated water pumped per day
  • 5000 litre surface tanks


  • Analysis of removed water by an accredited laboratory
  • Disposal of contaminated water according to regulation
  • Monthly monitoring of the evolution of contaminant concentration
  • Client report

Expected results

Between spring and fall of 2020, hydrocarbon concentrations have substantially decreased. Water analyses provide values below the alert thresholds for the ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre le Changement Climatique (MELCC).

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