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Drinking water management

Drinking water management is at the center of all concerns. All contributors agree that quality drinking water supply to all citizens and water resource protection should be ensured, at governmental as well as municipal levels.

We work together with municipalities to standardize municipal infrastructures used for water intake, treatment and supply. Moreover, we conduct many research projects on groundwater in addition to monitoring grant applications. We thus work in all fields of drinking water management.


  • Existing facilities assessment;
  • Raw water sampling and characterization;
  • Water intake, treatment and distribution system;
  • Consumption flow measurement;
  • Watershed identification;
  • Grant application;
  • Public presentation.


  • Surface water intake;
  • Mains connection;
  • Groundwater wells development (artesian wells);
  • Drinking water reservoir;
  • Booster station;
  • Pumping station.

We have developed drinking water treatment projects using various technologies.

  • Chlorination (faecal coliforms);
  • UV disinfection (total coliforms);
  • Greensand (manganese and iron);
  • Slow filtration (TOC and turbidity);
  • Arsenic (membrane filtration).

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