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Wastewater characterization

This step cannot be overlooked through the wastewater assessment process and may also allow your organization to save considerable amounts of money in wastewater treatment systems maintenance costs.

The services we offer:

  • Graphic presentation of the following parameters as a function of time: pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine;
  • Continuous sampling in relation to flow;
  • Charge balance of discharged contaminants and mass balance;
  • Pluviometry and pluviogram;
  • Grab sampling.

These services are intended to help our clientele to :

  • Meet local wastewater disposal regulations;
  • Reduce discharges at the source;
  • Obtain baseline data for wastewater treatment system design;
  • Demonstrate quality control of liquid discharges with documents;
  • Clarify the origins of the discharges, either by department, section or type;
  • Support negotiations with the governmental bodies with scientific data;
  • Save on fines and taxes.



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