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Flow gauging/infiltration/water collection

Flow gauging at different locations of a sewer network allows to determine the scope of the problematic sections to be rehabilitated.

Avizo Consulting has been conducting flow gaugings for many years, always taking into account the criteria listed in the MSDEFCC’s Guide d’échantillonnage à des fins d’analyses environnementales – Cahier 7 : mesure du débit en conduit ouvert as well as the Norme internationale ISO-748 – Mesure de débit des liquides dans les canaux découverts – Méthodes d’exploration du champ des vitesses.

You can rely on our team to obtain a clear picture of wastewater discharges. Whether it be for data validation or for a detailed profile delivered on a regular basis, our experts will guide you throughout the process. We have installed more than a hundred channels and weirs in the municipal and the industrial sectors.

Services we offer:

  • Mass balance (charges);
  • Dilution method with rhodamine (tracer dilution at constant flow);
  • Current meter method (measuring of the speed);
  • Stream depth measurement;
  • Precise and real time measurements of wastewater flows;
  • Measuring instruments verifications;
  • Identification of the most problematic areas;
  • Inventory and precise profile of the wastewater discharges;
  • Design criteria of a permanent measurement system;
  • Measuring chambers construction and control instruments installation.

These services allow our clients to :

    • Determine the consequences due to some discharges and tributaries;
    • Identify top priority areas.


    • Assess channel conditions and measure infiltration flow (groundwater) or direct collecting (snow melt, rain, etc.);
    • Allow major savings on pumping and wastewater treatment costs;
    • Distribute flows more precisely along the network and define major sources of water intake conveyed for treatment;
    • Provide the necessary data for decision-making in order to improve wastewater flow management.

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