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Watstewater engineering

Since its inception, Avizo Consulting has conducted more than 300 wastewater treatment projects for its commercial, community-based and institutional clients.

Authorization must be delivered by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MSDEFCC) for all wastewater treatment projects of more than 3,240 liters/day.

The following are examples of institutions that require an authorization from the Ministry. However, each case is subject to individual examination.

  • Plants with more than 43 employees;
  • Restaurants with more than 25 seats;
  • Sugar shack with a dining room of more than 24 seats;
  • Campground with more than 9 camps with services;
  • Campground with more than 17 sites without sewers.

Avizo Consulting provides support to its clientele through the authorization process and the implementation of its projects in accordance with the Guide pour l’étude des technologies conventionnelles de traitement des eaux usées d’origine domestique. Below is a list of the operations that can be conducted:

  • Flow analysis;
  • Wastewaters characterization (sampling);
  • Topographical survey (Land surveying);
  • Treatment options assessment;
  • Treatment systems design;
  • Validation of environmental disposal objectives;
  • Soil testing in the field (permeameter);
  • Laboratory testing (sieve analysis and sedimentation analysis);
  • Detailed plans of treatment systems;
  • Piezometers installation;
  • Hydraulic gradient definition;
  • Sensitive environment analysis;
  • Wetland and stream definition;
  • Contaminated soil detection;
  • Engineer’s report;
  • Technical specifications;
  • Administrative records;
  • Drafting of authorization application;
  • Site supervision;
  • As-built drawings;
  • Certificate of construction compliance;
  • Operations manual;
  • Facility follow-up.

Avizo Consulting is not associated with any specific treatment technology; therefore, the project options are set with the client before the application is submitted to the MSDEFCC.

The wide variety of technologies we use for implementing wastewater treatment projects and other onsite wastewater systems (leach field) are :

  • Side Panel Aerated Basin;
  • Seepage Bed;
  • Conventional Sand Filter;
  • Mound System;
  • Recirculating Media Filter (RMF);
  • Polishing Leach Field (Washing Water);
  • Uplift System;
  • BIO-FOSSE® Textile Bioreactor;
  • Ecoflo® Peat Biological Filter;
  • Enviro-septic® Leachfield Chamber;
  • ROTOFIX® Biological Disc;
  • RBR Biological Disc;
  • BIOSOR® Reactor;
  • Écophyltre®;
  • UV Disinfection and Phosphorus Removal Systems;
  • Seyflo®;
  • Écoprocess MBR®;
  • Enviro-septic®;
  • Écoflex®.

We also carry out wastewater treatment projects in the food and industrial sectors.


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