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Environmental Assessment

Sustainable development is now at the heart of municipal authorities’ concerns. Therefore, engineering projects must be conducted with regard to their environmental impact over ecosystems and aim to reduce them.

Our team takes charge of communications with governmental authorities and of applications required for implementing works in natural environments :

  • Wetland loss;
  • Works in a stream;
  • Encroachment on wildlife or plant habitats;
  • Encroachment on fish habitats;
  • Boat ramps;
  • Dry hydrant;
  • Sewer and waterworks systems network;
  • Housing project;
  • Wastewater treatment.

Before starting commercial infrastructures projects, call in Avizo Experts-Conseils. Our multidisciplinary team will achieve an environmental study and will be able to offer you a mitigation program as well as environmental monitoring, and to carry out environmental estimate and works supervision.

The environmental assessment includes :

  • Wildlife and plant inventory (trapping, avifauna, herpetofauna, fish, invertebrate record…)
  • Land identification;
  • Identification laboratory (binocular);
  • Pedology;
  • Forest stand;
  • Ecoforestry map;
  • Spaces with special status.

Wetlands and hydric soils assessment includes :

  • Lakes and streams identification (according to clause 22 of the Environment Quality Act and to the Politique de protection des rives, du littoral et des plaines inondables);
  • Defining of the natural high water mark;
  • Wetland classification;
  • Ecological value assessment;
  • Compensation and negociation plan;
  • Vegetation engineering;
  • Characterization, development and stabilization of the shoreline and banks;
  • Sedimentation control plan;
  • Water balance;
  • Culvert design;
  • GPS readings;
  • Mapping;
  • Layout.



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