Avizo Consulting’s policy to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus

Protecting our employees, customers and collaborators

Avizo Consulting has put in place a series of measures and guidelines for its employees to ensure their protection and to minimize the spread of the virus to the general population.

Our offices in Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Granby and Drummondville remain open and our teams continue their work to carry out all the mandates entrusted to us.

We now want to share with you these directives to help coordinate our joint actions in planning and carrying out your mandates.

For all employees:

  • Employees returning from out-of-country travel should follow government recommendations in this regard;
  • We have recommended that our staff limit their travel outside the country;
  • Any employee who may show symptoms will be placed in segregation immediately and will remain so as recommended by the government;
  • Travel by our employees between our regional offices is kept to a minimum;
  • Any participation of our employees in conferences, seminars, professional training and networking activities are kept to a minimum;
  • All internal social events have been cancelled;
  • Written communications are sent to all employees of the organization to keep them informed on the subject;
  • Our offices remain open, but we have restricted their access only to organizational staff until further notice.

For employees working in an office:

  • Disinfection products for equipment and materials, as well as hand disinfection products, are available at strategic locations in all of our offices and service vehicles;
  • The frequency of cleaning our offices has been increased and specific tasks have been added related to the disinfection of critical areas for propagation;
  • Office workers are encouraged to stay at home, if possible, and to work remotely;
  • Job interviews will be conducted by teleconference;
  • Whenever possible, meetings with customers, collaborators and suppliers will be by teleconference or telephone.

Site technicians will apply strict mitigation measures:

  • No physical contact on-site (handshakes or others);
  • A distance of 1.0 to 2.0 meters must be kept with your interlocutors;
  • Put on surgical gloves and protective glasses before entering the workplace where you need to be protected;
  • If a client or employee presents symptoms, the service will be postponed to a later date;
  • Every person who will provide services for our mandates will adopt the same measures and directives as our employees.

Work in confined spaces

The technicians who have to work in confined spaces and who may be in contact with sanitary wastewater will apply more stringent protection rules.

They will wear:

  • A complete waterproof suit, with hood;
  • Nitrile gloves and rubber gloves;
  • Rubber boots;
  • A mask with a visor with a double cartridge against organic vapours.

We are convinced that these measures and directives will have very little impact on the normal course of carrying out our mandates. If, however, any delays should occur, we apologize in advance and know you will understand.

For more information about the pandemic and to follow its progress, you can refer to the following sites:

Charles Duguay
CEO and Visionary Chef Officer
Avizo Consulting

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