From plan design to field work

In the field with our A to Z service.

Aqueducts and sewers

We are involved in every stage of the engineering process regarding municipal infrastructures, aqueducts and sewerage projects.


During the preliminary project stage, we identify the needs of the municipality and determine the objectives, the risks, as well as the development potential of the project. We then provide recommendations.

  • Preliminary study;
  • Hydraulic balancing;
  • Assessment of existing infrastructures;
  • Network master plan ;
  • Grant application;
  • Presentation to municipal council;
  • Presentation in a public meeting.


At this stage, the general concept is developed according to the municipality’s decisions. Applicable standards are established and authorization applications are submitted to the concerned governmental bodies. The project then enters the open tendering process.

  • Water, sanitary sewer and storm water sewer network design;
  • Preparing of plans and estimates;
  • Cost estimate of the works;
  • Preparing of necessary documents for open tendering;
  • Authorization application to the Ministry of Environment;
  • Authorization application to the Ministry of Transportation.


This stage consists mainly of worksite management as specified in the estimate.

  • Construction site supervision;
  • Worksite management;
  • Budget monitoring;
  • Accounts analysis;
  • Holding of site meetings


Once the construction work is completed, network testing and cleaning are performed.

  • Leakage tests monitoring;
  • Network cleaning and disinfection monitoring;
  • Acceptance of the work;
  • Certificate of compliance for construction work;
  • As-built drawing.

We have carried out projects with innovative wastewater intercepting and collecting methods.

  • Small diameter gravity system;
  • Small diameter pressurized system.

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