Company’s profile

Avizo Consulting, a resource in engineering and technical services, was formed from the merger between Groupe Poly-Tech and Environnement E.S.A., both leaders in their own fields for more than 20 years.

Our company relies on many experts, including engineers, town planners, biologists, geographers, environment specialists, technologists and technicians, to meet the various needs of its clients.

Avizo Consulting offers global and integrated services and support to its clients, from preparation of plans and estimates to work on the field. Our team, as well as our services, is divided into five sectors :


Avizo Consulting manages residential, commercial and industrial wastewater projects. Whether the projects needs municipal or governmental authorizations, we conduct hydraulic capacity studies of soils, laboratory analyses, plans and estimates, and we offer site monitoring services.


Assessment, inventory, environmental characterization of natural areas and wetlands, and soil and water decontamination are all part of our integrated approach.


Avizo Consulting offers optimum solutions for infrastructure projects that fulfill all its clients’ expectations. Our team has conducted preliminary studies, prepared plans and estimates as well as public tendering documents for several projects, including: drinking water supplying, sewer and waterwork networks, road infrastructures and wastewater treatment plants.


Avizo Consulting is a leader in wastewater and drinking water characterization, and flow gauging. Having both the technological and environmental knowledge, Avizo Experts-Conseils is an unequalled partner for all projects, and complies with the Health and Safety requirements.

Avizo’s global approach !

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