You want to be part of a multidisciplinary team working in different spheres of the engineering and environmental ?

As a growing company, we are constantly looking for candidates to join our team.

To send us a prospective application : [email protected]

Current job offers

Why to apply for a job at Avizo Consulting ?

In addition to joining a dynamic team, you will have access to many advantages such as :

  • Group insurance paid half by the employer including: life insurance, vision care, prescription drugs, professional care, disability;
  • Deffered profit sharing plans;
  • 10 statutory holidays per year;
  • 10 floating holidays per year: 5 fully and 5 paid half;
  • 37.5 working hours a week, overtime paid time and a half after 40 hours for hourly rated employees;
  • Complete reimbursement of linving expenses on the field;
  • Mileage reinbursement (0.45$/km) for business travel with a personnal vehicle;
  • Business vehicle for works on the field;
  • Security gear and working clothes supplied by the company;
  • Subscription fees to professional corporations are paid by the employer;
  • Training and career plans;
  • Public transit and free parking near the office;
  • Occupation health and safety prevention program;
  • Pay equity, cultural diversity, equal access to employment;
  • Social events and recognition of years of service;
  • Internal newspaper and interactive Website;
  • Yearly evaluation and setting of personnal and professional objectives.